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Today’s best news-oriented photographers continue to win major journalistic awards internationally recognizing the exceptionally important work that they are doing in behalf of the world’s leading communities, many of whom are less inclined towards reading but mainly not able to comprehend a foreign language or news diary. Perhaps it is fair to say that specialist resort photographers will be less often spoken about.

But their work is no less important, not so. Both news and resort photographers are fulfilling important needs in behalf of creating exposure for their broad-based clients. They may also have a few things in common. Conventionally, the successful resort photographer will be enjoying his time off living it up at some or another exotic faraway location, well, far away from you anyhow for now, once he has completed his shift of work.

It is hard to say whether the news photographer will have the luxury of time off, but nevertheless, he will be located exotically as well. Strange and unfamiliar territories is part of the appeal for the globe-trotting professional photographer. There are those who have the daredevil ability to go where no man or woman would even think of venturing. Like the lip of an active volcano perhaps. Startling, dangerous and as frightening as this nature photography work may seem to the observer, what a stunning view it is nevertheless.

This photographer certainly goes on to win awards. Somehow, genre-specific work still seems to have that ability to cross over if you will. The resort photographer can take care of a number of sub-genres while on location. While he’s capturing some stunning pictures from nature, he’s also producing memorable portraits and poses for resort guests. While he’s doing stills, he may also have some agility for action photographs.